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Return to the essence of music Quality audio system get the essence of music across
“Cheery Cultural” was established in 1988 with the spirit to return to the essence of music. The content of music can be transcend through the quality audio system. Let listening to music become one easy and relaxing has been our concept for years. So far, “Cheery Music” represents many different brands of audio system such as United Kindom’s Naim, Michell, Hegel, and Denish’s System Audio. At the same time, we import exquisite recording, unique record company such as Simax, HighNote, M.A, Caro Mitis, Naim, Winter & Winter, and Signum. Let the Customers experiencing the essence of music from all over the world, and expand the musical field.
Chen Kehua’s “Gaze” Starts a new milestone
As the audio system and music market decline, the founder of “Cheery Music” Lin Ling Dong starting to feel the lack of music creativity and audio technique in Taiwanese Records. In 2007, “Cheery Music” released optometrist and poet, Chen Kehua’s using enrich music and poem to infused a new kind of musical idea and challenge into the society. This is the first album without any lyrics in Taiwan. It presents a true and peaceful music. Also, it reaches a milestone of the recording technology in land of Taiwan.
Although the musical culture in Taiwan is becoming more difficult. The founder if cheery culture still distributes “Antonio Forcien’s concert” video and globally  release the BD. In 2009, “Cheery Music” cooperate with Republe Television and co-produced, “Take a stroll in Taiwan”. We are hoping to present the beautiful land of Taiwanese culture, scenery, and history to the world through the high definition video and elegant music.
Continuously seeking for sincere and impressing voice
“Cheery Music” is seeking for the music that refines life, the music that records life and present the story of life. During 2010 to 2012, “Cheery Music” used earth as its stage accompany with the sound of nature created by the insects and the wind. Using the voice sang by the pure music to create an amazing and spiritual concert. Through the Puyuma chant and modem musical arrangement, so that the ancient tune becomes emotion that touches your soul. The album, “The Calling from the Deep Ocean” is created by Puyuma artist Sasamia. To add some new idea to the classical is music, “Cheery Music” invited the Golden Melody Awards master Chen Yang and Song Wen Sheng to Perform the recording.
Moreover, “Cheery Music” is trying to express the inner emotion with the connection of classical music master’s creation using documentary films. “Love with your Heart” is a classical music album that enable the audience to become closer to the essence of music. In the modern society where most people are under the pressure and lead to sleeping troubles and many other diseases, “Cheery Music” specially plans to distribute German music that reduce the pressure and sleeping troubles and diseases with the spiritual music to heal the soul.
“Cheery Music lighten soul” has been the idea of “Cheery Music”. In order for the people to be influenced by the musician emotion, “Cheery Music” created some albums every year through poems, photographs, ancient songs, documentaries. The culture and music are presented as the scenery of life; movies are combination of audio and motion effects. “Cheery Music” combines movie, music, and audio technology together to have further influence in the movie industry. So that the movies let the music becomes more impressive and memorable. It is the goal that “Cheery Music” has been trying to achieve throughout the years.
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